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This Is What Taylor Swift Looks Like After The Gym

Plus Kelly Osbourne's new cut, Khloe's waist wonder and more of the top stories of the day
• This is what Taylor Swift looks like AFTER the gym. AFTER the gym, people. We don't even look this good before we go to the gym, and yet, Tay-Tay somehow manages to look like a goddess even after sweating it out at an NYC gym for a couple hours. Life is not fair. [Refinery 29]

• Sarah Jessica Parker and Mick Jagger attended a memorial service in Los Angeles for Jagger's girlfriend L'Wren Scott. Jagger sang a mournful rendition of Bob Dylan's "Just Like A Woman" while Parker and friends like Ellen Barkin, Andre Leon Talley, and Julianne Moore, looked on. [Refinery 29]

• Conservative Dancing With the Stars contestant Candace Cameron Bure says she loves her body more now than she did when she was in her '20s. Cameron Bure suffered from an eating disorder after appearing on Full House and then getting married at 20 to NHL player Valeri Bure. "That really was the time of identifying with being an actress and that being my whole life, and then now being someone's wife and moving to a new city, a new country even." She says her faith in God helped her through her struggles with bulimia. [Us Weekly]

• Khloe Kardashian is using some kind of insane contraption called a waist trainer to make her waist appear tiny and childlike. Witness:
"I love my waist trainer from @premadonna87!!!! Miss @blacchyna has me obsessed!!! Who doesn't love to feel tight and right?!?" So many exclamation marks make our heads spin. [The Gloss]

Fashion Police princess Kelly Osbourne shaved her hair off, leaving a Miley Cyrus-esque tiny pixie. What would her cohost Joan Rivers say? (I'm sure we'll find out.) She's also really big on this idea that it's a #SpringTrend not to wear bottom mascara, ("I'm also sporting the #SpringTrend and have no bottom mascara on! It looks weird." she wrote on her Instagram) but we really don't think it's much of a big deal. What do you think? [Us Weekly]

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