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Pout Loud with 15 Shades of Red Lipsticks That Make Trends Blush

Stay forever fabulous
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In a world full of whispers, let your lips do the talking. While pink may be making waves, nothing beats the bold charm of a fiery red pout. Imagine it: a splash of vibrant red, the perfect antidote to a dull winter day. We're not just wearing lipstick; we're wearing confidence, joy, and a touch of sass. It's not just an accessory; it's an empowering statement that screams, "I'm here to conquer!"

Curious to explore the world of reds that celebs swear by? Picture this as your backstage pass to a lipstick revolution. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the perfect red shade — because, let's be real, red lipstick is not just a makeup choice; it's a mood lifter, a confidence booster, and your ticket to a fabulous day. Ready to paint the town red? Let's do this!

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Color: 760 Forever Glam

This ultra-pigmented formula promises a stunning matte finish, ensuring your lips make a bold statement. Designed for weightless comfort, it provides a long-lasting, vibrant color that stands the test of time. Elevate your lip game with this Dior beauty, combining the allure of timeless glamor with modern, high-performance makeup.

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M.A.C. Retro Matte Lipstick, $17.25
Color: Ruby Woo

Renowned for its retro matte finish, this lipstick delivers intense color payoff and a velvety texture. A true classic, ruby woo is a universally flattering red that adds a touch of glamor to any look. The formula is long-wearing, ensuring your lips stay bold and beautiful throughout the day.

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Color: 25 Goldie Red

Inspired by iconic Hollywood movies and the gilded era, the collection features a range of brilliantly colored shades that reflect the eccentric and free-spirited mood of the house's collections. Gucci's signature red, especially in this gilded tube, offers ultra-soft matte color that can be applied for a subtle, blurred effect or layered for an intense, opaque pop of color.

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Color: Uncensored

Rihanna's first red lipstick under the Fenty Beauty label is universally flattering, perfect universal red is designed to suit all skin tones. The longer fluid lip color features a matte formula that stays vibrant and in place until you decide to remove it at the end of the night.

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