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Top Beauty Looks From the 2023 Golden Globe Awards

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This year's 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards was mostly old-Hollywood glamour through and through. The ladies were overflowing in sophistication, natural beauty and elegance — the hair was either messy- or precision-styled, while the makeup trend happened to be more on the enhancement of natural features than on the artistically experimental side, keeping most of the focus on soft, but flawless complexion. Click through and enjoy the beauty looks of nominees, winners, announcers and guests alike!

Image via Trae Patton/NBC/Getty

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Jennifer Coolidge
Endlessly charming, Jennifer Coolidge looked stunning in Victoria Beckham Beauty makeup. And with that signature rich hair, we are getting some major Brigitte Bardot vibes!

Image via Daniele Venturelli/Getty

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Laverne Cox
The thick curls and the hair clip give this look a timeless appeal. She rocked the visible roots, and the makeup, though quite visible too, does not take away the attention that seems to be meant for her Majesty — the hair.

Image via Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty

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Abby Elliott
Abby went with matte pink lip and the same tone on the eyes, in a shimmer variant. The loose locks frame the bronzed complexion.

Image via Kevin Mazur/Getty

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Angela Bassett
Positively radiant, Angela's blush matches the lipstick, and the hairstyle keeps the whole face open for that smile to shine.

Image via Amy Sussman/Getty

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