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  • Tanning Beds Will Officially Give You Cancer!

  • Posted by Anna on July 29, 2009 at 04:12PM
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  • If you weren't already convinced that tanning beds are the devil, new research has been published today compiling the findings of twenty other studies, that puts the ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer risk category right next to smoking and hepatitis. The new study was done by the experts at the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization.

  • They found that the lights used in tanning beds will increase your risk of getting skin and eye cancer by 75 percent if you are under the age of 30! Some countries, because of this fact, have banned the use of tanning beds by minors, making it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use them.

  • Why are people still using tanning beds to begin with? We have had the basic knowledge that lying in a mini oven couldn’t possibly be good for you for a while now. Even celebrities, who don’t always make the best decisions, have found a way to look brown and beautiful without the bed.

  • So now with this stone cold proof there are no more excuses, especially when there are great self-tanners that give you the result AND expert advice on how to give yourself the perfect application, You now have no reason to be dancing or shall I say lying with the devil.

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    • Thank you for continuing to spread the word about tanning beds. Through a good friend, I met her husband\'s younger sister that at 21 was a complete tan-aholic. We (my friend and I) are both incredibly pale, and we were discussing people who used tanning beds because they thought they were safe. Some time later at a bbq, I met her sister-in-law who had just finished chemo and was about to start radiation. At 20, she had been diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes and liver. She was a prolific tanner who went every day. Because some salons limit the number of times you could go in a week, she was a member at several in order to get around this rule. Shortly after getting married, she discovered she was pregnant. During a ob/gyn visit, her doctor noticed a mole on her leg that didn\'t look right. She had it removed and tested and it came back as melanoma. Imaging showed how far the cancer had spread. She had to then choose between getting treatment so she could survive, or keeping the baby and letting the cancer reach a point where she would likely not survive treatment. I have never seen someone so young (I am in my 30\'s) so scarred - physically and mentally. She had to have multiple moles and spots removed that were malignant, and has to return to her dermatologist every three months for skin checks. She continues to have new malignant spots and moles grow several years after her original diagnosis. Her and her husband finally had a little girl after her oncologist cleared her to try again for children. She now uses sunscreen every day. It goes on in the morning just like lotion and she reapplies often. I joked with her about the number of bottles I found around her house, and she said \"you should look in my car\". She is a lot paler than before, and she is okay with that. She regrets not listening to people who told her about tanning, and really tries to spread the word as a living example. One point she tries to get across is that not all malignant moles and spots fit the typical profile. Many of hers looked completely normal - no change in size, color, symmetry, or shape - not something that would trigger a doctor to be concerned. Because of my fair skin and several bad burns when I was younger (baby oil and a blanket anyone??), she urged me to get checked. With my proclivity to burn, I stay out of the sun, use sunscreen and don\'t have any odd looking moles or spots, which my doctor told me I didn\'t have to worry about. He \"humored me\" and took one off my ear, one off my elbow and one off my back. All three came back pre-cancerous. Needless to say he was surprised. Several more (including large freckles) were removed, and about a third of the samples again showed pre-cancerous. I now have to get checked twice a year and have two or three spots removed and tested. At least once a year one or two of them come back pre-cancerous. I now know that suspicious moles and spots don\'t necessarily fit neatly into the ABCDE profile that is widely published for people to refer to. Anyone who has had at least one bad burn needs to get checked by a doctor or dermatologist. Even a spot of skin that seems dry and flaky that doesn\'t get better with lotion needs to be checked as this can also be a symptom of skin cancer. I would much rather live with the scars than die of cancer.

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