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15 Top Nail Tools Every Nail Art Lover Needs

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Visiting the nail salon bi-weekly can get very expensive. But it's totally understandable — especially since intricate nail art can be tough to pull off if you're not a pro. Perfectly painting nails can already be very challenging — after all, you're already drawing thin lines and fine details on such a small canvas!

But don't lose hope: You can (and will) achieve gorgeous nail art at home. You just need to get the right nail tools. (You'll probably want to watch some YouTube tutorials and practice too, of course.)

Honestly, you'd be surprised what a big difference the right tools can make: Whether you decide to invest in some stamps or a handy dotting tool, they can make painting nail art easier (and better). So, to help you step up your nail art game, we've listed the top nail tools you should own. Be ready to get creative once you get them!

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Comiart Dotting Tool Set, $5.89

Sure, you can opt to use toothpicks and bobby pins to draw polka dots on your nails. But for designs where you'll need various dot sizes, a set of dotting tools can be very helpful.

This set has five pieces of two way dotting pens with larger balls and smaller ones. They're perfect for drawing fine details, patterns, and lines.

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For the love of your nails, please don't use your metal cuticle pusher again: It's harsh on your nails and can even cause wounds. Wooden cuticle sticks are a gentler option. You can also use these sticks when cleaning the edges of your nail art, and as an extra dotting tool option!

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Ever decided not to do a design because you don't have the right brushes? You won't feel that anymore with this set from Twinkled T. A brand trusted by a lot of nail art YouTubers, Twinkled T's brushes hold nail polish just right and help you draw every detail.

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Detailed nail art is often quite intricate... and ultra-difficult to paint on your nails. If you're into that, this set of brushes will be perfect for you. It's a three-piece set with 7 mm, 8 mm, and 11 mm brush sizes, suitable for fine lines and drawings.

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