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15 Ways to Wear Modern Art Masterpieces on Your Fingertips

It's like MoMA in manicure form
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Here at TotalBeauty, we take nail art very seriously. And if you're as big of a fan as we are, you've probably noticed that abstract nail art is having A Moment. And for good reason: These colorful designs are a fun way to rock your freedom of expression, literally right at your fingertips. The modern motifs are often categorized by utilizing geometric shapes, negative space, minimalist designs, vibrant uses of colors and abstract representations of, well, pretty much anything. There are even some amazing nail art ideas directly inspired by famous works of art.

Ahead, we present you with some of our favorite abstract nail designs. Try to copy 'em yourself, or visit your favorite nail professional. FYI, because of the free-form nature of these designs, some are actually easier to DIY than you think. Read on and find out which is your favorite.

Image via @salonwisla

Cover image via @salonwisla

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Spring Greens
Jade polish is a refreshing base for abstract petals and minimalistic black dots. They're clean, green and oh-so-chic.

Image via @purplenailbox

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Delicate Details
These whimsical designs feature understated, coordinating color palettes. We like the mix of lacy, white outlines and edgy black abstract dots. Cool on their own, and even better when they're together.

Image via @nailditbyalyssa

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Stunning Shapes
Geometric shapes make for a bold, eye-catching statement mani. Extra points for the vivid color choices, accented in classic black and white.

Image via @sohotrightnail

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Petite Picasso
Who doesn't love a nod to the modern faces of beloved Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso? These minimalist black facial outlines pop against clean, nude nails.

Image via @salonwisla

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