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11 Genius Ways to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Keep your manicure longer!
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Finding out that your nail polish is already chipping after just a day sucks. Whether you go to a salon for a manicure sesh or you do it on your own, a fast-chipping mani can feel like a waste of money and time: All that effort to make your nails look, gone in an instant. Unless you've got a gel manicure, having your nail polish last chip-free past the one week mark seems impossible... or is it?

Listen up, girls and boys: You can actually keep those majestic tips on for more than a week (easy!) if you just do the right tricks when caring for your nails. Read on to learn how you can keep your nails from breaking and your polish from chipping!

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The right nail prep

Before applying nail polish, baby your nails with a nail and hand care routine. This keeps your nails in good health and preps it for your nail polish sesh.

Take note that some salons dip your fingers in water to soften your skin and make the cleaning easier. However, you don't necessarily want to do this at home because it makes the nails absorb water and expand. When you've applied the paint, your nails will shrink and your nail polish won't fit. Opt to use cuticle oil instead.

Try: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, $6.99

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Really dry your nails

Once you're done cleaning your nails, don't jump to painting right away. You've got to make sure that your nails are 100% free from the previous products you've used and oils. This ensures that the polish will hold on better to your nails. You may use acetone or go organic with a swab dipped in vinegar to dehydrate your nails. Wait until it's fully dry before you do the next step.

Try: O.P.I. Original Polish Remover, $8.95

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Use a sticky basecoat

Using a good base coat protects your nails from discoloration, while also helping to strengthen your nails (which in turn minimizes breakage). Opt to use a sticky base coat because, as the name suggests, nail polish sticks to it better.

Try: SuperChic Bring It On Base Coat, $7.95

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Roll instead of shake

We all do this when before we use nail polish — and yes, it helps to mix the formula and coat the brush. However, this technique actually creates bubbles in the polish, which can mar your mani and lead to chipping. Instead, roll the bottle between your palms. It's not quite as satisfying as a hearty shake, but it'll be better for you in the long run.

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