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9 Badass Ways to Wear Pastel Nail Polish

No butterflies or rainbows found here
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Aside from longer days and warmer weather, one of the best things about spring is the color palette. The light and bright pastel tones give us the feeling of new beginnings, flowers blooming and overall happiness after a long winter.

When it comes to pastel nail art, we typically think of pretty designs like flowers, butterflies and rainbows — which may not appeal to you if your personality is more edgy than sweet. Luckily, there are plenty of badass pastel nail designs to inspire you this season. Read on for some inspiring ways to sport an edgy pastel manicure.

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Negative Space
Take a chance by nixing the base coat on your mani and opting for just designs on your bare nail.

Image via @misskmichael

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Statement Black Accents
Pastel nails can look ultra feminine when you need them to, but you can easily make your nail look edgier by focusing on black accents.

Image via @solovinas

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Abstract Art
You don't need to paint your entire nail with a pastel polish in order to incorporate the spring-ready tones. This abstract vibe gives you the opportunity to play with the light and bright tones in a muted manner.

Image via @joyridevancouver

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Long AF
To make your pastel mani more badass, it's not always about the design. Sometimes a simple swipe of color can look even cooler when you're applying it to a long squared-off shape.

Image via @shuey_cortez

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