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This Nail Art Trend Can Make Your Manicure Last an Entire Extra Week

And it'll look even cooler than it did to begin with
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When it comes to making our manicures last, we consider ourselves pros: We layer on base coats, use the best long-wearing nail polish formulas and finish it all off with a top coat to keep everything locked down. Even so, every mani has its lifespan — and you're going to have to return to the salon eventually.

That's why this nail art hack is such a gamechanger: Turns out, with the right flair and attitude, a swipe of polish at the cuticle is all you need to give your manicure a whole new lease on life. Keep reading to see some of our favorite takes on the nail art trend, from silvery glitter accents to mod half moons.

Image via @betina_goldstein

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Glitter Goodness

A little shimmer never hurt nobody, right? Grab your favorite glitter polish and add some flair by applying it up against the cuticle. A night on the town calls for a fun nail look like this.

Image via @betina_goldstein

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Geometric Patterns

For the more artistic gal, adding a geometric design on your grown-out manicure is a no-brainer. It takes time and patience, but the end result is well worth it, if you ask us.

Image via @betina_goldstein

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Naked Nail

Didn't have time to paint your nails at all? You can actually look like you tried way harder than you did seeing as these simple curved lines can be painted on in two minutes or less.

Image via @ch.nail.file

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Shimmery Touch-Ups

Dress up your grown-out mani by adding a simple swipe of metallic polish: It's super easy and adds eye-catching interest to the look.

Image via @the.nailatelier

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