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Meet Innisfree: Your New Favorite Natural, Affordable Korean Beauty Brand

So cute and so, so good
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Korean beauty is everywhere you look these days: It's on the shelves of every store from Saks Fifth Avenue to CVS and it even made an appearance on the red carpet at the Emmys. One of our favorite K-beauty brands of the moment? Innisfree, which made its way to the U.S. market earlier this year with a new e-commerce site, as well as a couple brick and mortar locations in New York and New Jersey.

There are a lot of things that make the line attractive. It's moderately priced, for one (generally a little more than drugstore products and a little less than your typical mid-range brands). It also has a focus on natural ingredients, typically sourced from Korea's Jeju Island, a paradise-like destination known for its unique flora. Most importantly of all, we've been continually impressed by how well the products perform...and you just can't argue with that cute K-beauty packaging. Keep reading for a few of our favorite picks from the brand — we know you'll like it as much as we do.

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Looking to add an essence to your skin care routine? Look no further than this multi-tasking wonder. It's lighter than a serum but slightly more viscous than a toner and it makes for a great first step in your routine. It adds in extra hydration, also brightening and firming skin, thanks to buzzy skin care ingredients like fermented soybean and oat kernel extracts.

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This eye cream strikes the perfect balance: It's decadently creamy, yet light as air. A tiny dab will keep your eye area dewy and hydrated all day and the generously sized jar will just about last you a lifetime. And you know what? It gives powerful, retinol-based eye products a real run for their money.

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We're very much fans of cushion foundations and Innisfree's is particularly good. This one has a gorgeous, dewy finish and is somehow both high-coverage and totally seamless. It also happens to be a bargain — this is just the refill, so the case and applicator puff are extra, but it's still quite reasonable.

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Vivid Creamy Tint, $12

This lip lacquer does it all: It's pigmented, yet still allows your natural lip color to shine through — and the delicate glossy finish is perfection. And you know how lip lacquers can sometimes cling to dry patches as the day goes on? This one won't, thanks to its lightweight, hydrating formula.

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