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These Retinol-Packed Eye Creams Are the Best for Erasing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

These eye creams actually work
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If you're going to shell out the bucks for eye cream, you'll want one that will have visible results — and for that, you should turn to retinol. "Retinol is the tried-and-true collagen builder in the skin," says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara. "It's the foreperson at the collagen construction site." And since the skin in your eye area is thinner and more vulnerable to the steady march of time, collagen (and by extension, retinol) is of the essence. "Retinol is a perfect anti-aging booster," she says.

The only caveat? Well, it can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Luckily, eye creams with retinol are specially formulated to be safe for the delicate eye area. And even if you are experiencing a little sensitivity, Gohara recommends "working up gradually" with your retinol products, starting with a "pinhead-sized" drop one-to-two times per week. ("Don't try to hit a home run," she jokes). You should also make sure that the rest of your routine is gentle and hydrating (she recommends pairing retinol treatments with the classic Dove Beauty Bar).

A great retinol eye cream still isn't going to have the same results as, say, fillers or Botox — but it will help brighten and firm your eye area while helping to stop crow's feet in their tracks. Read on for some of the best retinol eye creams to try.

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This eye cream is lightweight, hydrating and, best of all, budget-friendly. The gentle retinol in the formula helps to stimulate the under eye area and thanks to moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it also keeps everything hydrated.

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With a gold applicator and a matching gold formula, it's safe to say that this eye cream has the Midas touch. You can use the applicator to massage the gel-textured product in, which helps to de-puff and firm.

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We're kind of in love with this packaging — both in terms of form and function. The applicator tip is clear, and paired with the squeeze tube body, it's so easy to dispense just the right amount of product. The slight, blurring tint is also nice since it helps to brighten the under eye area as it treats.

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From the jewel-tipped cap to the decadent, creamy texture, this might just be the Rolls Royce of retinol eye creams. It's richly hydrating and you'll wake up with a noticeably glowy eye area (in fact, if the price tag was a tad lower, you'd be tempted to slather your whole face in the stuff).

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