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Here's Why You Should Add Essences to Your Skin Care Routine

There's no such thing as too much moisture
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Okay, so there's toners, serums, and facial oils... what exactly is an essence again? "An essence is a lightweight, creamy liquid that theoretically preps the skin for your moisturizer," explains Houston-based cosmetic and dermatologic surgeon Dr. Suneel Chilukuri. "It is used to pre-hydrate the skin."

At the end of the day, we could all use a little extra hydration. Plus, in addition to helping your moisturizer and other skin care products absorb better, essences also come with a whole host of different benefits: They can soothe, hydrate, plump, firm — and the list goes on.

So, if you're currently rocking dehydrated, lackluster or dull skin, no need to fret. We've found some of the top essences to enhance your skin care routine — keep reading for 11 of our favorites.

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This skin-soothing serum-like essence reduces redness and irritation with a soothing blend of vitamin E, jojoba and chamomile.

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If your complexion is dull and in need of a boost of brightness, the green apple in this essence will help improve texture and tone.

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A favorite among skin care experts, this brightening essence helps diminish dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

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This essence is formulated with 36 rich botanical extracts for a more supple, hydrated and healthy complexion — and it's absolutely chock-full of moisturizing ingredients, making it a logical pick for any skin care routine.

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