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12 Easy, Zoom-Approved Makeup Picks We're Reaching for RN

Feel the need to get dolled up for your Zoom meetings?
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Truth time: At this point in the quarantine game, you've lost track of how many Zoom meetings have made their way onto your weekly calendar. And when you've been living in pajamas all day, everyday, getting yourself camera-ready is no easy feat.

Even if you've activated Zoom's pretty filter (you know, the one that casually blurs out any imperfections), it still feels necessary to enlist some beauty products. Of course, we're not talking full-face glam to sit at home with your cat — just some multi-purpose, easy-to-use products that will drastically boost your look with minimal effort. So whether you're jumping on a 9 a.m. with the boss, or gathering with your girls for a virtual happy hour, these 12 editor-approved products will do the trick.

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James Read H2O Tan Mist Face, $15.81
We're all in when it comes to face mist. No joke, we have one on our desks at all times. If you're going to throw on some quarantine beauty for a quick call, hit your money maker with a few hydrating spritzes of mist, first thing. This one by James Read is also a very subtle self tanner so after a few days of use, we swear you'll have that sunny glow you've been missing.

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Serum sticks are honestly a thing right now and they are very relevant when you've been cooped up inside, blasting your face with heat or air conditioning. Before we apply any makeup, we like to take a pass around our eyes, nose and lips with this oversize tube. It's packed with three types of natural waxes and squalane oil, all which help support the skin barrier and reduce dryness.

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Anyone else's skin going through it during this quarantine? We've been touching our face more than usual, so applying some kind of spot treatment prior to any makeup application is key.
Currently, we're reaching for Dr. Barbara Sturm's brand-new spot treatment, which is made with tea tree oil and zinc oxide to attack impurities, as well as vitamin B3 to support skin renewal. Bonus: It comes in an untinted and tinted version.

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We're not going to say that you need a full coverage foundation right now. Instead, try something on the sheer side that still blurs imperfections. Kevyn Aucoin's just launched skin tint is our pick. It's packed with skin care ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid and butterfly bush flower extract to help protect against those free radicals caused by the blue light of your computer screen and phone.

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