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9 Makeup Products This Lazy Beauty Editor Can't Live Without

Or, how to apply a full face of makeup in under five minutes
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Whenever I hang out with other beauty editors at the launches of whatever the latest new product of the month is, I feel a vague sense of shame at my own glammed-downness. Heck, one time I even tried to up my game a little by applying a thicker streak of black liner and a dramatic red lip...and I still got misidentified as a member of the wait staff.

Although I may stick to a more natural look, the fact is, I harbor a deep and abiding love for makeup. And even though it's not my first priority most days (um, hitting the snooze button a minimum of three times generally is), I don't go anywhere without at least a little brow pencil, liquid eyeliner and tinted lip balm swiped on. My methods are questionable — full disclosure; I do find myself applying these products at the occasional stop light, as well as in the back of an Uber and on public transportation — but come hell or high water, that makeup is going on.

So, with all that in mind, I thought I'd create a makeup guide from the perspective of someone who knows a lot about makeup — but also kind of likes to keep things low-key. Bonus: all of the following products can pretty much be applied in seconds.

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If you're doing your makeup on the go, a good cushion foundation is your best friend. This particular one has a dewy, brightening formula and pretty high coverage, especially considering how light it is. Just a few pats and a little blending and any and all imperfections will be sufficiently blurred.

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For days when I'm seeking a little extra coverage, I'll swap out my Sulwhasoo CC cushion for this It Cosmetics CC cream. The soft-matte finish wears supremely well and even though the coverage is quite thorough, the formula is still forgiving enough that you can apply it with your fingers in a rush.

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Fenty Beauty Flyliner, $20
I'm a bit fickle and fall in love with a good liquid liner easily — and this is my latest favorite. It's very, very black and the felt tip applicator is just the right combination of firm and flexible. It also sticks around all day, even through sweat and (some) tears. Mostly, I love how easy it is to draw with — usually I can get a satisfactory subtle wing in just a few strokes per eye.

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If you're doing your liquid liner in a rush, here's a little lazy girl tip: Cover your mistakes with a smudge of dark eyeshadow. This adds a little extra intensity to your lash line while having the added benefit of hiding any inconsistencies in your winged liner application. A bouncy-textured shadow like this one is so easy to apply with your fingers, which makes it extra clutch when you're trying to get out the door.

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