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12 Face Tints That Are Perfect for That WFH Life

For when you want to look like you tried, but only a little bit
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Look, we get it: Not everyone's into wearing makeup whilst working from home. Others are completely undaunted and are continuing their #fullfacebeat on the daily. Maybe you, like me, are somewhere in the middle: You want to wear a little makeup (you know, enough to look fresh-faced for all your Zoom meetings), but have still scaled things back a bit. With that in mind, tinted moisturizers have been my ride-or-die lately. Here are 12 options that I've been rotating through while living that WFH life.

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Thanks to the tiger grass, this color-correcting tinted moisturizer actually helps to heal and soothe your face, while also providing just the right amount of coverage. We also love the fact that it's SPF 30 and transforms from pale green to a neutral beige as you apply it. This treatment is perfect for when you don't feel like wearing makeup, but don't feel like going completely bare-faced, either.

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This hybrid product provides a kiss of coverage, along with a wallop of SPF. Thanks to ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane, it's quite moisturizing. It's also made with skin-loving niacinamide, which helps to provide a natural, dewy glow.

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Leave it to ColourPop to crush the tinted moisturizer game: This skin tint has a surprising amount of coverage, but still features a natural, crease-free finish. And we always love seeing hyaluronic acid on the ingredient list!

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Light as air, I often describe this tinted moisturizer as the perfect product for a weekend jaunt to the grocery store — you know, when you want to put in a little effort but you don't want to look too "done." Think of it as a complexion-perfecting filter (with SPF 30!).

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