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Here's How to Have the Ultimate Spa Experience, Right at Home

Your own personal oasis awaits
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The spaaaaaaah. It's the ultimate relaxation, the ultimate stress reliever, the ultimate me-time. The trouble is, we don't always have the money or time in our jam-packed schedule to get there. Spa treatments are expensive, and often with the pressures of work and family, we can't get away.

Good news! For the price of just a couple spa days, we can help you transform your own bathroom into the ultimate spa oasis. That way, whenever you can fit it in (like, after the baby is in bed, or when you finally finish that project at work), you can unwind in the comfort of your own home, no appointment (or cash) necessary. So lock the door... and prepare to let yourself go.

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Luxury Linens

You've got to set the mood of the room, so first things first: clear the clutter and kick out all of the damp and dirty clothes on the floor (or is that just us?). Now get yourself some new towels: There's nothing better than wrapping yourself in a clean, white, fluffy towel. Better yet, get the oversized ones — like these Chakir Turkish Linens, $27.95 — pure luxury.

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New Decor

Keeping a muted, calm color palette (aka everything white) keeps the space clean, relaxing and tranquil. Add some interest with textures, like with this embroidered cotton lace Caprice Shower Curtain, $248, and sink your tootsies onto this decadent rose-shaped Castile Rose Bath Mat, $38.

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You can't have a spa day without your favorite scented candles. This Sweet Water Decor Lemon Lavender Soy Candle - Silver Tin Candle, $17.99 is great because it picks up an accent from your fixtures and adds a little sparkle to the room. Remember — the more the merrier. No one ever said, "There are too many candles in this spa!"

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Greenery looks especially luxe in spas. Even if you don't have a green thumb, many houseplants love the warm and steamy environment that a bathroom provides. Spider plants, aloe, and bamboo are three that will look beautiful and grow like crazy. Just stick them in the sink and water them whenever they look dry. (This CB2 3-piece White Loom Planter Set, $14.95, would make a wonderful addition to your spa room, just saying).

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