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13 Bath Bombs That Aren't Lush

Try these new fizzy treats to spice up bath time
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If you love bath bombs like we do, then you're sure to want to check out some of the latest and greatest from some of your favorite skin care brands. Made popular by Lush, bath bombs are made up primarily of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) with added skin softeners and essential oils to transport your bathtub to an intoxicating, colorful oasis. From the detoxifying to the heavenly aromas to the cutest designs ever, there's something for everyone. Check out some of our favorite bath bombs and see why Lush isn't the only go-to source anymore.

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If you love the iconic Bum Bum cream, you'll love the brand's new Bath Bomba. Containing its signature delicious pistachio and salted caramel scent, this bomb is packed with soothing ingredients. Cupuacu butter, coconut and acai oils soften skin, while sea salt detoxifies and algae extract nourishes the skin. It also turns your bath water a gorgeous turquoise hue.

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If you're looking for some serious skin softening, check out these bath bombs from Dr. Teals. They're packed with almond, jojoba and sunflower oils and have a heavenly coconut scent. Drop one of these in your tub, close your eyes and imagine you are in paradise.

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Adorable packaging aside, these bath bombs are great when you want to add a vibrant fragrance to your bath. We especially love the Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom scent for the tart, tangy fragrance and violet tint it adds to the water.

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Natural skin care brand Pacifica now has some terrific bath products. We especially like its crystal-infused, golden bath bomb. Containing jojoba, meadowfoam and safflower oils, it has a juicy watermelon scent that leaves your bath (and skin) with a gorgeous, golden glimmer.

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