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15 Candles That'll Basically Solve All Your Life Problems

It's time to perfect your candle strategy
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Whether you've had a long week at the office, you're going through particularly stressful time at home, or you're just burdened with a crippling sense of ennui thanks to the ever-worsening state of current events... well, candles can help.

Seriously, they can! Sure, they're not going to make your boss less demanding or solve the energy crisis, but they'll make you feel better. And sometimes, that's the most important thing. Besides, who among us doesn't love a beautiful scented candle?

Plus, most formulas on the market are actually packed with essential oils that benefit your well-being... just by breathing in their scent. While many target anxiety, some also boost concentration levels and reduce insomnia. No matter what you're facing, there's a candle to help you cope. Keep reading for the best candle-cures for all of your life's little conundrums; from tax season woes, to that Tinder date you really want to impress.

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If you need a vacation:

Try: William Roam Roam Candle, $36

You're dying to put up your OOO, but there's not a beach (or an hour of spare vacation time) in sight. Well, at the very least you can pretend you're on vacation with the right candle. Once lit, this light and airy scent comes alive with strong notes of white florals. White flowers — gardenias especially — alleviate stress and enhance relaxation, making you feel like you're lounging poolside in the Caribbean (even if you're just curled up on the couch in your living room).

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If you need a mood boost:

Try: Hope Fragrances Scented Candle, $50

Bad breakup? Feeling like you'll never build the career you want? Just like the name implies, this aromatic floral candle gives you hope. Lily of the valley, jasmine, gardenia and tuberose combine to create a crisp, fresh scent that'll wake up your senses and increase optimism, ultimately opening yourself up to new experiences, opportunities, and attitudes.

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If you're seeking energy:

Try: Taja Collection Candle, $45.50

Sometimes, you wake up ready to hit the mat — and other times, you simply can't be bothered. Allow this candle to step in as your a.m. cheerleader. Perfect for your early morning yoga or meditation session, this scent by TAJA Collection has notes of spicy ginger and soothing citrus. Ginger, in particular, is known for giving your body a burst of energy, which makes this scented candle a great option for rainy days or long nights at the office. Choose the candle style that best fits your aesthetic to get your zen on (we're particularly fond of the Good Vibes Only option).

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If you're feeling stressed AF:

Try: Laura Ashley Fresh Linen and Jasmine Scented Candle, $26

Ah, stress: can't live with it, can't live without it. However, stress can impact everything from our productivity at work to our performance in the bedroom and the vitality of our pores — so keeping it in check is absolutely key. Luckily for us all, jasmine is a great natural way to nix angst. This gold beauty by Laura Ashley turns any space — workspaces, especially — into a stress-free oasis, thanks to its unique blend of crisp linen and fresh jasmine.

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