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A Definitive Guide to the Best Spas Near You

Whether you live in New York City, Los Angeles or somewhere between, use this directory to find your top local spas
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When you have an amazing spa near your home, you can't help but feel #blessed. What's even better is when the vibe, services and price list all work for your lifestyle, too.

If you don't have the perfect spa around the corner, you've probably spent countless hours investigating local spa offerings. And if you're still searching, you're in luck -- because we've been researching, too. We visited cities across the country looking for the best spas in every geographical location -- and we rounded up 24 of our favorites.

So next time you find yourself searching for "the best spas near me," remember pull up this handy guide. There's something for everyone -- whether you want a manicure or a waterfall treatment -- and the locations couldn't be better.

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Spas in California
The Spa: Olive & June

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Who Should Visit: The manicure enthusiast who likes to be BFF with her technician.

Vibe: Chic and modern yet feminine

Signature Service: The Olive Mani, $35, and Pedi, $45

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Spas in California
The Spa: The Now

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Who Should Visit: Anyone looking for an affordable massage and an hour of escape.

Vibe: Tulum beach town meets Moroccan resort

Signature Service: The Now Signature Massage, $60 for 50 minutes

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Spas in California
The Spa: International Orange

Location: San Francisco, CA

Who Should Visit: The yoga enthusiast who wants her skin to glow all the time -- not just after class.

Vibe: Scandinavian minimalism with a California twist

Signature Service: IO Signature Facial, $175

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Spas in the Pacific Northwest
The Spa: Zama Massage

Location: Portland, OR

Who Should Visit: The athlete/adventurer in need of some muscle maintenance.

Vibe: A dash of Eastern Zen and a serious dose of New Age cool

Signature Service: Detoxifier Massage (includes cupping), $119

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