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Nail Artists Share Six Amazing Products for Healthier Nails

Healthier nails means better manis
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We talk a lot about what nail polish colors are trending according to the season, or which styles are on their way to retirement or have made a comeback (the French mani, anyone?), but we'd be remiss to not discuss the foundation of it all... your actual nails. Yes, when it comes down to it, your nail health matters more than any of the above. We asked nail pros to share their favorite products for healthier nails — these are their picks.

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The Product: Zoya Women's Starter Kit, $25
"The Zoya Naked Manicure system is my favorite product for bringing damaged nails back to life. Their inclusive range of perfectors provide you with nearly perfect looking nails while nursing tips back to health," says Mazz Hanna, a celebrity manicurist to stars such as Julia Roberts, Selma Blair, Halsey and more. "I recommend gently buffing the nail plate to remove any damage before applying." The four-piece system includes a base, perfector, white tip perfector, and satin seal topcoat.

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Keeping your cuticles nourished and hydrated means they look good, feel good, and behave better at the salon when you go in for your mani. "When a guest has unhealthy or dry cuticles, the cuticles tend to stick tightly to the nail plate. In this situation, I have to use more force than is healthy for the nail to make it appear smooth around the cuticle line," says Jennifer Delgado, a regional master artist for PROSE salons. "This product has a major impact on the health of the cuticle which in turn, makes my job as a professional artist easier." She says to apply the product twice daily before bed, which allows the product to soak in all night without being washed or rubbed off.

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The Product: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish, $10.50
CND is one of the OG nail product companies out there, and they've always focused explicitly on nail health in addition to high quality products. "The CND Vinylux Weekly Polish dries quickly and wears amazingly. It's the longest-lasting regular natural nail polish I have ever used," says Delgado. "There's no base coat needed. You just need to apply two thin layers of your favorite polish and then finish with the Vinylux as a topcoat. I also recommend applying a cuticle oil regularly to keep the nail flexible and to extend the wearability even longer."

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The Product: Mazz Hanna Cuticle Oil, $28
Hanna may be partial to her own product, but this one deserves rave review regardless. It's formulated with hydrating jojoba and hempseed oils, as well as lavender and geranium essential oils, which can help stimulate nail growth and health. Hanna says, "Simply roll onto cuticles a few times a day or anytime you feel the urge to bite or pick. It's a great addition to your morning and evening beauty routine. Also, the amethyst rollerball can help prevent biting and picking, which is a common culprit to damaged nails."

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