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21 Nail Designs That Make the French Manicure Cool Again

Before you write off the French mani as a '90s relic, peep these chic nail designs
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Do you remember your first French manicure? Tagging along with your mother to the nail salon when she finally let you copy her manicure of choice? Or perhaps it was for your first school dance? There was something about those clean lines and stark white tips that meant you were dressed and ready for a special occasion.

Fast forward a decade or two, and the once-classic white-on-nude nail design feels dated and much in need of a makeover. Enter: These cool and modern takes on the French manicure

Nail artists have taken inspiration from the French manicure and put their own spin on it. From colors and textures to shapes and sparkles -- they are works of art. Click ahead to see the most classy, gorgeous, tipped designs out there. You may be inspired to book an appointment with your nail artist or grab some polish yourself and try to copy these designs.

Image via Imaxtree

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Punch of Pastel
Pastel pink packs a punch in this graphic French Manicure with navy and mint accents.


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Fresh Black Tips
The French manicure looks fresh and effortlessly chic in nude with clean black tips.

Image via Pinterest

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Nautical Stripes
This preppy blue and white double striped design reminds us of summer by the ocean.


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Shades of Red
Seeing red? This two-toned crimson French mani is just what you need.


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