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It's Time to KonMari Your Hair Products

If it doesn't spark joy, it's out
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Look, it happens to the best of us: Even when you're trying to stay organized, the hair products can start to pile up. It's those hairsprays that are pretty good (you know, not as good as your favorite, but too good to be thrown out). That fancy conditioner that you never use (but cost $30 so you feel guilty about trashing it). The heat protectant spray you save for "special occasions" (even though you haven't blow dried your hair in years). Sometimes it piles up so fast, it almost feels as if it's somehow procreating.

Well luckily, Marie Kondo is here to help. Her book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," is a New York Times bestseller and her show, "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," is one of the biggest cultural touchstones of the moment. And for good reason: Her "KonMari" method is, well, "life-changing" when it comes to organizing — so, we're going to walk you through the process... starting with your overabundance of hair products.

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Why it's time to KonMari
Kondo's method promises "a calm, motivated mindset." It makes sense: We know in one or two tries which products work with our locks — and those are the ones we tend to stick to. Using the KonMari method to cull your collection down to the basics just makes life feel a little more manageable. Just think, without having to dig around looking for the "right" hair serum while you're rushing out the door, you'll have more time in the mornings for an extra cup of chai.

So how, exactly, should you do the culling? Keep reading...

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How to begin the KonMari process
First things first. Take everything out of the cupboard, drawer, box, closet and off of the counter. Round up everything, and set it in one spot. (Kondo says to do it all at the same time).

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Does it spark joy?
Next, go through your things one by one and hold each item in your hand. Kondo's criterion for whether or not you should keep something boils down to one simple question: Does it spark joy? Well, for starters, that mousse from seven years ago doesn't even spark foam — so why are you holding on to it?

If something does not spark joy, Kondo says you should thank it. (Even if all it did was teach us that it wasn't the right product for us). Then we toss it, it or donate it.

Pro tip: Take your items to the office and put them on the free table. You never know — what isn't right for your thick mane may be perfect for your fine-haired associate.

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Organization time
Now, it's time to put things back. Kondo's secret for organization is simple too: Make sure nothing is hidden. That way, you'll be able to find everything easy, without having to paw through stacks and layers of hair gels and pomades. She also recommends using small boxes to keep like items together — so, all the sprays go in one box, all the hair masks in another basket. A space for everything, and everything in its place.

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