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Hair Sheet Masks Are the New No-Fuss Way to Deep Condition

Pump up the moisture on winter-ravaged strands by using an ultra-hydrating hair sheet mask.
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Sheet masks hit the beauty scene in the U.S. a few years ago and they've continued to be one of the most popular skin care products around. Originating in Korea (the land where all the coolest beauty trends are born), sheet masks are beloved thanks to their convenience. Using a sheet mask is a great way to pump up skin's hydration in just a few minutes. We even like bringing them with us when we travel to combat post-flight dryness.

So, it only makes sense that the next chapter in the sheet mask story would be hair masks in sheet form. And we're totally here for it—especially as the dry winter air continues to ravage our strands. Keep reading to learn all about how hair sheet masks work, which ones are worth adding to your hair care routine this season and other steps you can take to keep your locks in tip-top condition as the snow rages on.

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What Are Hair Sheet Masks, Anyway?
Hair sheet masks are pretty much what they sound like: sheets or caps packed with ultra-rich conditioners that you wrap your hair in after shampooing and leave on for a few minutes as they penetrate your strands with major moisture.

"Hair sheet masks are something fun and new to add to your hair product arsenal," says Danai Schulte, stylist and owner of Maven Beverly Hills. "While they should not replace your conditioner, they are a great way to add more moisture during cold, dry months." With a sheet mask, your hair is being protected from water splashing around, which is one reason why this type of product is effective, says Schulte.

If you have fine hair and want to try a hair sheet mask, Schulte suggests replacing your regular conditioner with one once a week. If you have curly or thick hair, you should follow up with traditional conditioner after a sheet mask to make sure all of your hair has been saturated.

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Become a sleeping beauty—literally—with this line of overnight hair sheet masks that work while you snooze. Slather on your mask of choice (coconut to repair damaged hair, shea to strengthen split ends, rose to fight frizz or acai to protect color) to dry hair, then put the cap on over your hair. Hit the sheets and rinse out in the morning for softer, smoother hair.

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Is your hair dry and dull these days? Get your hands on this hair sheet mask, which uses your body's heat to bring nourishing ingredients like collagen, honey and jasmine straight to your hair's fibers. After shampooing, place the mask-infused cap on top of your head, making sure to cover all of your hair. Tighten the cap so that none of your hair can escape, then massage your head to adequately cover all of your hair with the mask. Rinse out after 10-15 minutes and you're good to go.

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This Korean hair sheet mask is made for dry and damaged hair. The nourishing formula works to revitalize lifeless hair in 20 minutes. It's packed with good-for-hair ingredients including hydrolyzed collagen, argan oil, rolly jelly extract and olive oil. Just put on the cap containing the hair mask once you're done shampooing, secure it with the adhesive tab, massage the mask in and keep it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing out.

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