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12 Nourishing Hair Masks to Hydrate Dry, Damaged Locks

Keep strands nourished in the colder weather with these 12 moisturizing hair masks that fight frizz and provide major hydration.
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Dreary cold weather doesn't just impact our skin, wardrobe choices and moods. It also can do a number on our hair. Frigid temperatures can turn the silkiest locks into dry, straggly, frizzy messes that no amount of shine serum can fix. Strands need more than a temporary smoothing out. They need moisture and they need it desperately. And hair masks provide ample nourishment to dry ends and colored strands.

Hydrating hair masks are often on rotation in people's summer routines when they want to combat the drying effects of heat, salt water and hair coloring sessions. But in winter, we sometimes get so preoccupied with preventing dry scales on our faces and bodies that we forget about our strands and simply hide them under a hat. #Guilty

It's time to break the bad habit. We've rounded up some of the best hydrating formulas that will combat the moisture-sucking impact of arctic temperatures, central heating and excessive holiday party hairstyling. The masks provide deep nourishment to extremely dry and dyed hair that conditioner can't.

Keep strands nourished in the colder weather with these 12 moisturizing hair masks that fight frizz and provide major hydration.

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Ouai Treatment Masque, $32
Ouai's deeply nourishing hair mask claims to create "like-virgin hair in 5 minutes flat." It's a lofty promise, but the restorative formula does transform locks in record time. Additionally, it helps prevent further damage by having artichoke leaf extract seal the cuticle. Those with straggly strands in need of TLC can leave the formula on for 10 minutes and use it daily after shampooing.

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Extreme dryness calls for a rich, fast-acting recovery mask. This budget-friendly hair mask comes to the rescue by penetrating hair and encouraging fiber regrowth. Use it post-shampoo at least once a week to turn hair from straw to silk.

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Those who adore the nourishment of a hair mask but don't like the cold, thick formulas can try this spray hair mask. IGK's innovative design is inspired by trendy splash masks. The new formulation is misted on damp hair in the shower. It only needs to be left on for one minute to work its magic. Unlike a jarred hair mask, the aerosol design is less prone to getting water in it, which preserves the effective formula.

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There are plenty of options for facial sleeping masks so it's only right we have some for hair. Sephora Collection has yummy-scented offerings, including this trendy açaí one. The hair masks repair and hydrate locks as users get some shut-eye. Each mask comes in a single-use pouch with an included hair cap to prevent pillow messes.

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