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5 Beauty Products Plus-Size Icon and Founder of Megababe Katie Sturino Can't Live Without

We chat with the force behind Thigh Rescue and Rosy Pits
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Body positive activist and founder of Megababe Katie Sturino is a breath of fresh air in the oft pretentious worlds of fashion and beauty. The internet influencer turned entrepreneur consistently tackles some of the most unsexy product categories, like thigh chafing and boob sweat. But in a fun, approachable way. Her products have cheeky names (like best-seller Rosy Pits, $14) and bright, eye-catching packaging helping to normalize conversations about embarrassing issues. Megababe's first product, Thigh Rescue, $14, sold out in a week.

Now, three years since launching Megababe, Sturino continues to develop and launch industry-impacting products while growing her personal brand, which includes a podcast, an Instagram account boasting 561,000 followers and plenty of projects thanks to representation by powerhouse agents at WME.

We caught up with Sturino to chat about all things beauty.

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"This cleanser is a fundamental part of my skin care routine. It's a little pricey, but the bottle lasts me around three months. The combination of l-serine and hyaluronic acid has amazing moisturizing properties and doesn't leave a residue."

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"As soon as I started testing Le Tush, I wanted to put it all over the place — it smells like a fancy spa and is one of my favorite ways to exfoliate. It combines glycolic, malic and azelaic acids with willow bark to exfoliate and clarify your booty. In addition, it has squalane and kelp extract to leave skin soft and bouncy. Obviously it's meant for your butt, but I use it on my chest, arms, face and even neck!"

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"I'm obsessed with Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer. It's both lightweight and effective. Whenever I'm feeling dehydrated this moisturizer totally revives my skin."

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Odièle Rose Sérum, $125

"This Odièle facial oil is my go-to a.m. luxury. It's made with Bulgarian damask roses so it smells incredible and leaves me absolutely glowing."

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