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Stop and Smell These 19 Rose-Scented Beauty Products

Not your grandma's rose
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Let's face it, scent is one of the major motivators when it comes to purchasing beauty products. If something is aesthetically pleasing or smells good, we're more likely to want to buy it. Lately, we've been seeing scent trends in beauty from watermelon and coconut to classics like lavender. Rose-scented beauty products have been around forever and are also having a moment right now. What was once thought of as a cloying, grandma-esque scent is no longer. By pairing the timeless floral fragrance with other scents, it creates new and exciting varieties that are younger and more fun. Rose itself is chock-full of antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it's great for acne- and redness-prone skin. If you love the floral fragrance, read ahead for some of our favorite rose-scented beauty products.

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If you aren't a fan of thick, heavy makeup primers, you're going to love this. Containing Bulgarian rose water and oil, this ultralight liquid acts as a smoothing, softening step to prep for makeup. Add a couple drops to bare skin or mix it into other makeup products to give them a dewier, less opaque consistency and a soft rose scent.

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Lancome Rose Jelly Mask, $35
Drift off to sleep with rose-scented dreams in this new sleep mask from Lancome. Apply a thin layer and pat in any extra product. It's packed with hyaluronic acid, rose water and acacia honey to soothe and plump your skin overnight, leaving it refreshed and radiant.

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Containing Jukyeom, or sea salt that has been roasted multiple times in bamboo to create an antioxidant-, electrolyte- and mineral-rich substance. The process was created centuries ago by Korean monks. In this new water gel from Dermadoctor, it creates a cooling, bouncy consistency that feels light and refreshing on contact. We love the fresh, clean rosewater and white tea scent.

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At under just $3, this new volumizing shampoo from Suave is such a win. With a natural rose fragrance that lingers hours after you wash, it will leave you with soft, shiny hair that is full of body.

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