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6 Ways to Easily Detangle Your Hair With Less Damage

Follow these simple tips for less breakage
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Yes, it's overdramatic, but pretty much everyone's cried over tangled hair at least once. It's just so frustrating; painful and difficult to get rid of. You can get knots when your hair is too dry, or right after you step out of the shower... and don't even get us started on fine hair drama!

Usually, when you brush tangled hair, you end up having clumps of strands in your comb, in your shower drain, or all over your bedroom floor. You may even start getting anxious about hair loss, and never want to touch your mane again. Luckily, there's a way to tackle all those knots, minus the damage — keep reading for a few of our favorite detangling tips!

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Use a good conditioner

The battle against hair knots starts with your conditioner. If you're using one that effectively makes your hair smooth and soft, combing after taking a bath will be way easier.

To ensure that your hair is properly conditioned after every bath, let the product sit through your hair especially in areas where your hair usually gets tangled.

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Use wide-tooth combs

Using a brush can cause hair breakage, so opt for wide-tooth combs instead. As much as possible, you don't want to brush wet hair. However, with this product, you can go ahead and comb your hair, especially when you're running out of time getting ready. A wide-tooth comb can loosen those knots, and keep your hair smooth for the rest of the day.

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Brush from the bottom

Another technique that everyone with long hair should do, is to start brushing the hair from the bottom. If you start from the roots, you'll just yank your hair and worsen the knots, which'll lead to breakage. Start combing the tips of your hair, working upward inches by inches. Comb down as you go up to ensure that your hair is tangle-free.

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Use a hair serum

If the knots are too stubborn, apply a hair serum that can help loosen up your hair. Apply the product with your hands and focus on the knot zones in your hair. Once you've noticed your hair getting softer, you can proceed with detangling them.

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