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9 Next-Level Detanglers that Get Rid of Knots and Protect Hair

Stop swiping your kid's detangler. There's a new generation of luxurious sprays to try
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If your wet hair tends to be a knotted, impossible-to-comb ball of frustration, then you're probably familiar with Johnson's No More Tangles Detangler Spray. The same way it's a necessity for any parent with a wild-haired child, it's a go-to for women with tangle-prone hair.

But if the family-friendly bottle (and scent, and color) leaves you wishing for something a little more luxurious, you're in luck. Grown-up detangling sprays are finally here. And they do so much more than break up knots. They prep hair for styling, hydrate fried ends and even provide UV protection. And frustrated women everywhere can finally upgrade their detangling spray.

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A Pre-Blowout Detangler
If you're going to blow-dry your tangled hair into a perfectly done style, then Oribe Run Through Detangling Primer, $36, is the detangler for you. Of course it makes hair comb-able, but it also helps seal the cuticle of each hair strand, which prevents heat damage and makes your style last. It's also perfectly safe for color and keratin-treated hair.

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A Split-End-Fighting Detangler
The biggest benefit of Cibu Knot So Knotty Anti-Breakage Detangler, $18, (after knot removal, of course) is breakage prevention. The formula is packed with ingredients like keratin and silk protein to strengthen each strand. It also smells fantastic, and is moisturizing enough that women with fine hair can use it instead of conditioner.

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A Detangler for People Who Can't Take a Curling Iron Break
If you're going to attack your hair with a curling wand or flat iron, you know you need a heat protection spray. But layering that over a detangler can be too heavy. Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Detangling Thermal Protectant Spray, $18, does both jobs. It contains antioxidants — black, green and white tea extracts — to protect hair from damage, as well as sunflower seed oil for hydration.

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A Detangler for People With Wonky Water
If you suspect your water is too hard or too soft, you could invest in a fancy filter — or you could simply spritz your hair with Philip B. pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist, $24, after you shower. It contains apple cider vinegar to neutralize pH, as well as a blend of botanical oils to hydrate and soften.

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