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10 Simple Tricks for When You're Stressing (and You Need to Calm Down)

Survive the toughest and busiest week with these easy techniques
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In the wise words of Taylor Swift, "you need to calm down." It might sound pat, but you know what? All that endless worrying is adding fine lines around your eyes and causing your skin to break out. It affects your performance at work, your decision-making — and even your mental health.

So, what's a person to do? Well, de-stressing and calming down might be easy in theory, but in practice it can be a whole different story — especially if you live in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city or are working a high-stress job. You're basically surrounded by stress triggers.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways ways to help combat these feelings — that'll help you go back to the amazing #girlboss that you are. Keep reading to find some small, simple rituals that will help you relieve stress and anxiety.

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Pause and change your perspective
It's easy to be overwhelmed when your week is full of deadlines and meetings. Add a bazillion problems and issues to that and you're on your way to stress town.

But instead of pressuring yourself and succumbing to overthinking, take a step back and change your perspective. Sometimes, when you rush to attack your tasks and problems, things get messy. Come up with a strategy and list actionable plans. Break down the things you need to do into smaller tasks so they won't feel big.

Using strategies like this, you'll be able to create a realistic timeline which will help you in time management and determine if you need help in some areas. This is also applicable to other aspects of your life and in your long-term goals. Write it all down: Your plans, goals, and hurdles — so they'll start to feel more tangible and organized.

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Take a break and recharge
Don't beat yourself up if you feel like you're failing, or not making any progress, etc. Aside from the fact that it's counterproductive, you also have to remember that there are things beyond your control. What you can control are your reactions and your next steps.

To fully clear your mind, give yourself a day dedicated to self-care. Hustling is important, but rest days are also very much welcome. So light up your favorite calming candle, indulge in a spa-like treatment at home, enjoy your hobbies and just have fun.

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Take a cup of stress-relieving beverage
Coffee wakes you up and gives you the energy to hustle. However, it can also increase your stress levels. So until the coast is clear, opt for other relaxing beverages like matcha green tea and other adaptogens. It will help calm you and it has tons of health benefits for your mind and body.

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Get up and exercise
Yeah, I know what you're going to say: you're already too busy, exhausted after a full day at work, and just plain uninspired to get up and exercise...we all go through that.

But hear us out: Doing a physical activity that is unrelated to your work can be a huge stress reliever. You don't even need a gym subscription: You can just take your dog for a walk, go for jog in your neighborhood, or — and this is my personal favorite — dance to Lizzo's "Truth Hurts."

Just sweat out: It will relax your body and mind, and improve your overall mood. Go for it, hun. You'll thank yourself later.

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