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The 10 Best Oil Cleansers for Removing Stubborn Makeup

They're very effective at removing makeup and other skin impurities — without stripping your skin's natural barrier
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For someone with oily skin, using an oil cleanser might sound scary... because excess oil can clog pores and cause acne, right? While that's technically true, don't be too quick to make oil-based products the bad guy. They're actually very effective at removing stubborn makeup (yes, even that waterproof mascara), dirt, and other skin impurities — without stripping your skin's natural barrier (the way harsher cleansers sometimes can). Actually, they can be much more effective than water-based cleansers, since you don't have to tug and scrub your skin too much (a wrinkle-causing habit you should stop, ASAP) as you use them.

Plus, there's such a thing called double cleansing wherein cleansing with oil is the first step. It is followed by another cleanser that's fit for your skin type to make sure that you're not leaving extra oil on your skin. So if you want to try this method or just want a more effective way to remove all that foundation and eyeliner, here are the best cleansing oils you should give a shot.

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A cult favorite from Japan, this natural cleansing oil works wonders in melting away your makeup, sunscreen, and dirt. No need to scrub the heck out of your face — this stuff removes even waterproof liquid liner with ease. Plus, it's infused with olive oil and jojoba oil, which are rich in antioxidants, so in addition cleansing, it will leave your skin hydrated, without any hint of irritation.

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You'll find zero makeup residue when you use this especially excellent oil cleanser. It's formulated with almond oil, which nourishes your skin while deeply cleansing your makeup and other impurities. And even though it's made with oil (obviously), you won't feel greasy after using it.

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Another skin care favorite in Japan, this cleansing oil from Biore can remove even your most stubborn waterproof mascara. Trust us, you won't wake up with raccoon eyes when you use this one.

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Dissolve makeup and dirt with this 100 percent natural cleansing oil made with coconut and argan oils. It is formulated to effectively cleanse, moisturize, and nourish your face without any annoying oily residue left behind. It's recommended for normal to dry skin.

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