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17 Cleansing Oils That Will Make You Give Up Your Favorite Face Wash

It's time to break up with your basic gel or cream cleanser — here's why
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We love putting makeup on, but taking it off? That's the bane of our existence. Or at least it was until we discovered cleansing oils. We can't tell you how many towels we've ruined with mascara and lipstick smears before trying oil cleansing. The best cleansing oils remove makeup like woah and leave skin feeling supersoft — but never greasy.

Cleansing your face with oil seems pretty counter-productive, doesn't it? Regardless of your skin type — yes, even if you have oily skin — waking up and going to bed with cleansing oils can be a real game-changer. Because oil breaks down oil, cleansing oils can get through even the toughest waterproof oil-based makeup. They work to cleanse skin by mixing in with pre-existing oils on the surface of your skin, attracting any excess like a magnet, so that when you rinse your face, any present oils cling to the buildup of makeup, dirt and impurities and rinse down the drain. The result? A clean, clear, hydrated complexion that feels soft to the touch and looks supple to the eye.

When searching for the best cleansing oils, you want to look for botanicals, like olive, sunflower, sesame, safflower, almond and grape seed oils, along with calming extracts like green tea and jasmine, as well as nutrient-rich vitamins E and C. Avoid anything with mineral oil, which can clog pores.

Here are 17 cleansing oils that will make you say you're never (ever, ever, ever) getting back together with your regular cleanser.

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This French favorite formula features a non-greasy cleansing oil that will make even the most stubborn waterproof makeup disappear. Enriched with white rose to brighten skin and tantalize the senses, this cleansing oil will not only transform your complexion but turn your skin care routine into a ritual.

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Cleanse, hydrate, calm and balance skin in one step with this avocado, grapeseed and olive oil combo. Whether you have normal, dry or sensitive skin, you'll fall in love with this soothing skin care must-have.

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Votary Cleansing Oil, $72
Recommended for all skin types, this ultra-lightweight cleansing oil not only cleanses skin but works to combat dull complexions, too. Where the luxurious oil removes the buildup of dirt, makeup and impurities, a blend of rose, geranium, grapeseed, sunflower, chamomile and apricot oils soothe dull, tired skin for a brighter, younger-looking complexion with every rinse.

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Who said cleansing oils are just for your face? This body cleanser transforms from oil to a soft. soapy lather when mixed with water and works to strip away any dirt and impurities lingering on the surface of your skin for the ultimate in-shower hydrating cleanse.

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