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Beyond Barbiecore: Limited-Edition Barbie Beauty to Grab Now

Going once, going twice, get it before it's gone
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Limited-edition Barbie merch is selling out fast, be it in fashion, lifestyle, or beauty departments; though most beauty goodies from Barbie collabs are marketed towards very young beauty aficionados, we grown-up ones can also indulge our Barbie sweet tooth — with our picks, you can absolutely channel some of that optimistic, pink energy whenever you so desire. Because sometimes, a hint of Barbie is all you need to add a playful twist to your everyday elegance.

This collection of Barbie-themed beauty products captures the essence of Barbie's iconic beauty style and translates it into wearable, practical, everyday products. Barbie body serum? It's here, and it's even got AHAs, to tackle those back acne that are driving you crazy. And how do a fully pink toothpaste, a cute hair emergency travel set, and a satin pillowcase fit for a queen sound? All that, and more, is somehow still not sold out, so come and see what you like — 'cause you can have it all.

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Barbie x Kitsch Satin Pillowcase Iconic, $22
We know that silk pillowcases are great for our hair and skin, but satin is not that far behind. This bold pink satin pillowcase even comes with a signature "B" embroidered, discreetly, at the bottom.

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Chi x Barbie On-The-Go Travel Kit, $89.99
How cute is this hair dryer and that travel bag? The kit also includes a 3/4" ceramic plates hair iron, quite handy for touch-ups during busy days or frequent traveling.

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Barbie The Movie x Moon Bubble Mint Whitening Toothpaste, $12.99
If the fact that this whitening toothpaste is bold pink in color did not impress you, perhaps the fact that it sparkles will. How is that for livening up a hygiene routine? It's also both kid and grown-up friendly, so it will definitely bring out a big smile on any little ones you'd like to treat.

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Mermade Hair Barbie Wavy Kit, $89
This kit comes with everything you may need for at-home waves: a mini hair waver, a pink zebra head scarf, hair gems, and no-crease clips for great looking waves — even for beginners.

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