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Australian Pink Clay Masks Are the Secret to a Fresh-Faced Complexion

Australian pink clay masks are trending. Here's why they're worth the hype.
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Australia may be best known for its wild animals and gorgeous weather but the country is also home to one of the world's most popular skin care ingredients — pink clay. When used in a face mask, pink clay works wonders for common skin care woes like acne. In general, "clay masks are effective for a variety of skin issues, ranging from excess oil and acne even to anti-aging. They're super absorbent, so they can help remove pore-blocking oil from the skin. And they are also rich in minerals that help soothe inflamed skin and promote healthy skin cell functioning," explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner.

While clay masks have been around for eons, the Australian kind, in particular, has gained tremendous popularity in recent years for its efficacy and universality. Not only does the stunning pink hue make for a great Instagram picture, it's incredibly gentle and suitable for virtually everyone, including people with sensitive skin. If you can get your hands on a tube, slather some on your face whenever your skin is acting up and you'l see, in less than 20 minutes, your complexion will transform from dull-looking to fresh-faced.

Ahead, we've compiled some of our favorite Australian pink clay masks for you to test out so you can also get in on all of the hype.

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There's a good chance you've seen this pink clay mask from Australian brand Sand & Sky by now — it's everywhere on social media, after all. But in case you haven't, let's explain the reason behind its popularity. In 10 minutes flat, the pink clay soaks up excess oil deep within your pores while tightening them so they appear smaller once the mask has been washed off. Formulated with kakadu plum, a rich source of vitamin C, the formula instantly brightens your skin while leaving it feeling soft to the touch.

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Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask, $39.99
Made with well-known acne-fighting ingredients, such as lactic acid and witch hazel, this Australian pink clay mask from Alya Skin not only extracts pollutants deep within skin, it also tackles existing pimples on the surface so they go away quicker, which is especially great for those with acne-prone skin.

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This overnight mask works on restoring your skin's natural radiance while you sleep. Composed of Australian pink clay, it's chock-full of antioxidants and nourishing oils like avocado oil that balances your skin's sebum production, so come morning, you have skin that's perfectly hydrated, but doesn't look greasy or shiny. Plus, the fluffy, whipped cream-like texture glides smoothly on skin and absorbs within minutes, so you can sleep soundly without getting pink residue all over your bedsheets.

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Composed of both French and Australian pink clay, Palermo Body's vitamin C-laden clay mask doubles as a gentle exfoliator for getting rid of dead skin. Simply mix the pink powder with your desired amount of water or lukewarm tea, apply it on skin evenly, wait a couple of minutes and wash it off in circular motions. Voilà, you're left with a radiant and clear complexion.

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