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11 Ways to Sneak Sunscreen Into Your Beauty Routine

SPF is your friend
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It's 2018 and we all know that sunscreen is key when it comes to skin care. Still, is it something that you actually wear on the daily? Be honest.

Much like you can trick a child into eating vegetables by slathering them with cheese, you can trick yourself into wearing SPF by sneaking it into other parts of your makeup routine. Sure, maybe you forgot to put on an even layer of waterproof SPF 50 sunscreen after your moisturizer, but there are plenty of sneaky SPF-packed beauty products to remedy that, from protective primers to UV-busting setting sprays and beyond. Read on for some of our sneaky sunscreen favorites that'll help keep even the most sunscreen-averse accountable.

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This K-beauty fave is genius: It combines mattifying setting powder with serious UV protection. The powder itself is finely milled and is undetectable atop your complexion, and it even comes with an included puff for no-muss/no-fuss application.

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Between its major broad-spectrum coverage and its anti-aging properties, this primer is quite the multi-tasker. It helps create a flawless canvas for your makeup application while keeping you safe from the harmful rays of the sun.  

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Have your makeup all ready to go only to realize you forgot your sunscreen? Luckily, there are SPF-packed setting sprays like this one to save the day. It's got a super-fine mist that evenly applies to your face and it's so lightweight you won't even feel it.

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This CC cream has the skin-perfecting coverage of a foundation together with some serious UV-blocking broad-spectrum coverage. It's a win-win if ever there was one.

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