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How to Add SPF to Every Step of Your Makeup Routine

The sun's got nothing on you
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Summer inevitably brings two things: More time in the sun and a jam-packed social calendar, which can leave us clamoring for sun protection and makeup that makes us our most Instagrammable. So why not get yourself products that can do both?

Whether you're looking for a skin-perfecting foundation or a complexion-brightening blush, there are plenty of multitasking makeup products to help you create you're desired look as they serve up extra SPF, and we found the best of the best. Of course, this is not -- we repeat not -- license to skip actual sunscreen. If you're relying entirely on your makeup for your SPF, you probably aren't applying enough (you need at least a nickel-sized dollop to coat your face), or using high enough SPF for your sun protection to be adequate (look for SPF 30 and above).

But if you're in the better-safe-than-sorry camp and want the extra peace of mind that comes with these sun-protecting makeup products, keep reading. Here's how to add SPF to every step of your routine -- from primer to setting spray.

Start your routine with a product that's as good at warding off sun damage as it is at providing a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. This silky priming serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores and loads you up with skin-loving antioxidants -- without skimping on the SPF. And like other Paula's Choice products, you can trust that it doesn't contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin. How's that for a quadruple threat?

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Unless you've been living under a rock (or, OK, maybe you're just not peeping Sephora and Ulta's websites on the daily like we are), you know that color correcting is the magical makeup trend that can make all of your skin imperfections disappear. This product does just that by helping you counteract uneven skin tone with complementary colors. Use the lavender to combat sallow skin, orange to brighten, green to negate redness or yellow to mask dark circles. And, as a bonus, the formula has SPF 20 and is designed to help blur your fine lines and pores -- so you'll have an ageless, even sun-protected skin every time you dab it on.

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Just as we trade our sweaters for sundresses this time of year, many of us also trade our heavy, let-no-imperfection-show foundations for lighter BB creams. Luzern's formula brings everything we look for in a BB (think: pollutant-fighting antioxidants, hydrating hyaluronic acid and flattering sheer coverage), plus some additional perks. Not only does this product guard against sun damage, but it also helps shield skin from free radicals emitted from blue (aka the light given off by phones, TVs and computer screens). Use it as a traditional BB, or wear it under foundation like a primer.

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A full-coverage foundation might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to summer makeup go-tos. However, those of us who can't fathom hitting up rooftop drinks or a beachside blowout without looking totally flawless will want to have this on hand all season. With one or two small pumps of product, this medium-to-full coverage foundation successfully hides imperfections, leaves skin with a slightly matte finish, acts as another line of sun defense and holds up all day, making it a perfect choice for the next al fresco engagement where you know you'll be seen.

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