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We're Dying to Dye Our Hair Bright White This Winter

Want hair that shines like a moonbeam?
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Feeling that seasonal urge to switch your hair color? It's all about cool, deep shades of brunette for winter, warm mahoganies for fall, honeyed highlights in summer — you know the drill. And now, in the early months of 2019, it's time for something entirely different: Bright white, to be specific.

The incredibly ashy, as-close-to-white-as-your-stylist-can-get-it trend is in full swing for 2019 — think Daenerys Targaryen levels of platinum. It's chic as chic can be and we can't wait to give the look a try. That said, there are a few very important things to know: First, if you have dark hair, this is going to be a process — especially if it's been box dyed. It's almost impossible for your stylist to achieve this color in one session without completely frying your hair from top to bottom. For that reason, it's important that you seek out a stylist with major experience in making this change in order to maintain the integrity of your locks.

It'll also take a fair amount of upkeep: You'll need to maintain the color with frequent at-home and in-salon touch ups. DeeDee Flebotte, hair stylist at The Beauty Studio, mentions that she recommends all her clients to grab "a non-damaging purple shampoo to keep warm tones and brassiness at bay." She also reminds us that many of her clients who have opted for this tone come back to her every four weeks for a salon-quality toner.

Needless to say, this color takes hard work and patience, but the end result is very obviously worth the struggle. Plus, if you ever decide to opt for a vivid or pastel tone, it will hook on perfectly over this neutral. Keep on reading to see some of our favorite winter white hair options from full-on whites to styles perfect for anyone who wants to take baby steps.

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White Out

Having jaw-droppingly beautiful hair is no issue when you've got a color this beautifully toned. Your stylist will work with you to create the perfect winter white tone that won't look warm or yellow.

Image via @saltnsagehairdesign

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Darker Brows

When opting for a seriously light blonde tone, you don't necessarily need to dye your brows, a la Kim Kardashian at the 2016 Met Gala. Keeping your darker brow keeps the contrast alive.

Image via @jackieaina

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Slight Root

Unless you were born with white hair, chances are you're going to have major upkeep with this tone. Using an ombre effect on your roots can help make your regrowth look less obvious.

Image via @dallasbeautybox

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Absolutely White

Get ready to fully commit with this top to bottom winter white hair look. You'll also notice a very slight tint of blue that can add a unique flair to your color.

Image via @inlovewithcolorr

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