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15 Ways to Make Your Home More Wellness-Focused

Make your home into a sanctuary
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You start and end your day at home — and so should your wellness routine. Whether you live in a cramped studio apartment, have more roommates than you can count, or even share your space with your S.O., it's important that you're treating your space with the same care with which you treat your body. And if you're still figuring out how to be good to your body — your self-care regimen, if you will — your home is also a great place to start.

The choice is yours: You can go big by replacing your bedding or cleaning products, or start small by adding a new candle to your coffee table. No matter which route you choose, your body, mind, and spirit will be better for it. These products, ranging in price and benefit, all have the same goal in mind: to make your home a safer, happier, and healthier place to live.

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10 Grove Bedding, Price Varies
The key to a more well-balanced life is a full night's rest. Clock in your eight hours cozied up in top-of-the-line sheets like these: You'll feel like you're sleeping on a bed of clouds, which means you'll wake up feeling lighter and refreshed — and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

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William Roam Steam Candle, $29.99
There's something about lighting a candle that instantly turns your home — no matter how small, cluttered, or chaotic — into a tranquil space. This soy candle, which has base notes of violet and cedarwood, lasts 80 hours so you can enjoy it all season long.

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Ecos Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent, $9.99
Since you wear clothes 24/7, you might as well make sure they're doing your body good. Ecos, a brand known for safe, green cleaning products, will keep your clothes fresh and clean without the harmful dyes or chemicals. That means you can feel good from the outside in.

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Dust off your oil diffuser, add a few drops of this lavender essential oil... and let the magic happen. Known for its relaxing properties, lavender is especially beneficial when applied to bedding and linens for a more restful sleep.

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