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The Ultimate No-Compromise Eco Lifestyle Guide

From the paint on your wall to the diaper on your baby's bum
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Shopping for eco-friendly home/body/lifestyle products can be just as confounding as shopping for healthy food products. "Natural" is such a vague, unregulated term that it makes separating the good from the chemically-filled challenging. Plus, the fact that eco-friendly products often come at a premium cost that not everyone can (or wants to) pay can make your shopping decisions even more difficult.

Sustainable fashion and accessories have been extensively covered, but there is so much more than just fashion to consider. Click through the above slideshow to learn about the top brands looking to remove chemicals from all aspects of your life — from the paint on your wall, to the diaper on your baby's bum... no compromising on quality involved!

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Athleisure: Nagnata

Nagnata makes clothing and accessories designed for yoga, pilates, dance and "to and from" the gym, all made using sustainable technical-knitwear. The designs are stunning!

Image via Nagnata

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Yoga Mat: Corc Yoga

Corc Yoga mats are made using sustainable organic cork harvested from trees in Portugal. No trees are cut down in the process, making them a 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable source. But they also work: They've got a non-slip grip, thanks to a unique honeycomb structure, and are lightweight to boot.

Image via Corc Yoga

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Paint: Clare

Looking to avoid inhaling a ton of chemicals? Start fresh with a clean coat of paint... literally. Clare makes Zero VOC, GREENGUARD Gold-certified paints that come in a wide color range — and as a cute touch, they all have cheeky names like "Blue Ivy", "Matcha Latte", "Avocado Toast", and "Money Moves."

Image via Clare

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Home Cleaning: Branch Basics

Created by two mothers, Branch Basics is a non-toxic brand that makes amazing home cleaning products (as well as laundry detergent). The Concentrate, an all-purpose cleaner, is a particular standout because of how little you need to clean just about anything.

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