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8 Viral Beauty Products That Live Up to the Hype

They're famous for a reason.
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One sign of a must-try beauty product is how much attention it receives across social media. Like how many views, likes and comments it racks up. Not only do these viral beauty finds pique curiosity, they often make good on their promises and get you excited about trying something new.

The following viral beauty products definitely deliver on all fronts.

Image via Revlon

If you've seen one mascara you've seen them all, right? Think again. This version features a tiny wand, just 25 millimeters to be exact, which immediately curls, lengthens and adds volume. You can see it in action on TikTok.

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Finding a concealer that won't betray you throughout the day via creases and cracks isn't easy. You also want it to feel moisturizing and glide on easily. This pick has people stoked because it does it all. The serum formula feels and looks like second skin. Best of all, it's less than $11.

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On a mission to tackle dark spots? Whether you're battling acne-related hyperpigmentation, pesky sun damage or dark areas around your bikini line, this treatment can help. It's different from other formulas in that it's an oil that's massaged on skin for a couple of minutes. It gained attention when one TikToker used it to brighten up her downstairs.

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The splash this eye tightening product made on social media was huge. It works by dramatically reducing puffiness and tightening the undereye area to reduce wrinkles. The effect is temporary (and you can't layer makeup on top), but dang if it doesn't deliver an "are you serious?!" type of result.

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