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Trade Your Rings for These Adorable Finger Tattoos

Forget flashy bling, these tattoos are the only accessories your hands need
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We've long known that the right accessory can make the outfit. But the ultimate hand-embellishment isn't a flashy ring or bedazzled bracelet -- it's ink.

Though they're small, finger tattoos can make a way bigger statement than your finger bling. Elegant, yet bold, they give you a subtle way to immortalize your favorite design and channel your inner badass (or flower child, depending on your vibe). Not to mention, they're the perfect compromise for those of us who are itching to get inked, but aren't ready to go for a full sleeve.

And lucky for you there's no shortage of gorgeous finger tattoo design inspiration out there. Get ready to peep the 22 prettiest finger tattoos.

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Finger Tattoos:  Feather Light
There's something so serene about an elegant feather tattoo at your fingertips.

Image via Buzzle

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Finger Tattoos: Forest Through the Trees
Get in touch with nature (literally) with a simple tree tattoo.

Image via fingertattooart

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Finger Tattoos: Fingers Crossed
Give your faith a subtle nod with a delicate rosary bead design

Image via dancerssonya

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Finger Tattoos: All Hands on Deck
How cute is this tiny anchor tattoo? Full speed ahead to the tattoo parlor, matey.

Image via dancerssonya

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