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30 Literary Tattoos for Bookish Babes

Get your nose out of your favorite novel long enough to peep this inspired ink
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We don't totally buy that actions speak louder than words. Words can be a powerful thing (granted, as professional writers, we're biased). Case in point: The volumes of books we can still practically recite word for word. Where would we be had we never gone down the rabbit hole with Alice, or traveled to Pemberley with Lizzy Bennet? How would we be able to identify the phonies in our lives without Holden Caulfield's guidance? And we know life wouldn't be as sweet without the existence of Hogwarts.

So why not wear your undying love for the written word on your sleeve?

Whether with words or designs, these literary tattoos pay homage to some of the most memorable moments in our favorite books. From cherished children's lit and YA page-turners to books we read in English class and cult sci-fi and fantasy hits, here, 30 meaningful tattoo ideas that every literary lady will love.

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Literary Tattoos: 'The Raven'
As they say, put a bird on it. And if you're an Edgar Allen Poe fan, make it a raven.

Image via @karamaeadamo

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Literary Tattoos: 'The Bell Jar'
Sylvia Plath's words are already immortal, but now they can live in permanence on your wrist, too.

Image via @catiecolon

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Literary Tattoos: '1984'
Are you a George Orwell diehard, or was 1984 just an exceptionally good year for you? This tattoo will keep people guessing.

Image via @brittany_clarkn

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Literary Tattoos: 'A Wrinkle in Time'
This tattoo lifts an illustration explaining time travel from the pages of Madeline L'Engle's sci-fi classic.

Image via @lyndilou

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