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22 Amazing Matching Tattoos to Get With Your Best Friend

The best friend tattoos you and BFF need — because ink is forever, just like your friendship
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There's nothing quite like getting a matching tattoo with your best friend to prove to the world that your friendship is forever. In fact, even stars like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have matching heart tattoos. (Perhaps a nod to the old-school BFF heart necklaces that many of us rocked back in the day?)

But if Jenner's and Baldwin's idea of a cute best friend tattoo doesn't exactly embody the type of bond you share with your bestie, don't worry: We've rounded up a collection of matching tattoos that are perfect for pals who share everything. Whether you two connect over similar obsessions, aesthetics or just want a visual testament to show how much you mean to one another, we've got you covered with 22 matching best friend tattoos.

Image via @raulbussot

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BFF Tattoos: Swirling Suns
While similar, these two matching tattoos each have their own distinct personalities — just like you and your BFF.

Image via @cansuolga

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BFF Tattoos: Unicorn Power
Honestly, can you think of any better way to declare your best friendship than with unicorn tattoos?

Image via @cagridurmaz

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BFF Tattoos: Matching Moons
This is actually a mother/daughter tattoo, but the two crescent moons work equally well for pretty much any relationship, familial or otherwise.

Image via @joannamroman

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BFF Tattoos: Realistic Roses
How gorgeous are these intricate, blackwork long-stemmed rose tattoos?

Image via @evantattoo

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