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19 Rose Tattoos That Are Anything But Cliché

Come on, who doesn't love rose tattoos?
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There's a reason why rose tattoos have prevailed for so long: The intricate delicacy of the petals leave a lot of room for artistic interpretation, and as far as symbols go, it doesn't get much more classic or elegant. If you're worried about being too cliché (or basic, the horror), you can rest assured that there are actually a lot of ways to breathe new life into the classic tattoo design.

Whether that means tiny, cartoonish renderings or rosy takes on the watercolor tattoo and geometric tattoo styles, we've got you covered. Read on for 19 of our favorite unique rose tattoo designs.

Image via @zihee_tattoo

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Rose and Dagger Tattoo

Anyone else getting serious "Romeo and Juliet" vibes from this darkly romantic duo?

Image via @mr.k_tattoo

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Blue Rose Tattoo

The symbolism of a blue rose is just too good to pass up and we love the soft focus watercolor vibe of this one (and check out those tiny blue starbursts).

Image via @tattooist_ida

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Single Needle Rose Tattoo

Thanks to the single needle technique, this rose tattoo is breathtakingly delicate.

Image via @winter_stone

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Triple Rose Tattoo

Why get one rose when you could get three in various stages of bloom?

Image via @tattoo_grain

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