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A Standing Ab Workout You Can Do While Watching TV

The ultimate exercise in multitasking
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At two points in her successful career — she's a chief instructor at Barry's, a celebrity trainer to the likes of Julianne Hough, a frequent brand partner as well as a fitness model — Astrid Swan also became a mother of now two small children. And if Swan can juggle those highly demanding responsibilities... it seems fairly reasonable to assume we can juggle watching TV while working out.

It turns out exercising doesn't have to be a major effort, even if you're living in a cramped apartment and your local gym shows no signs of opening up. Swan has created an exclusive standing ab workout for us that you can do while watching TV using nothing but a dumbbell (or wine/detergent/water bottle). You can level up even more with wrist weights. And yes, while these moves may seem simple, they'll fire up your core and leave you feeling your abs tomorrow.

If you're looking for something that's totally low impact and doesn't use any equipment, we also asked Maeve McEwen, a senior trainer at P.volve to put together a circuit for us. No matter which circuit you opt for, do each of the five exercises for the recommended amount of reps, taking as little time as you can between each move. Repeat the circuit three times. Keep clicking to check out both easy ab workouts!

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Circuit 1: Standing Shoulder Press Knee Drive

"With your right arm extended holding onto a weight, lower your arm down to the bottom of a shoulder press while driving up your right knee to the side," says Swan. "Do 8-15 reps before repeating on the other side."

Images courtesy of Astrid Swan

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Circuit 1: Halo

"Holding onto a weight on each end at about chin level, keep your elbows tight by your side before wrapping the weight around to the side of your face, to the back on your neck, and then to the other side. Do 10 repetitions clockwise and then 10 counter-clockwise."

Images courtesy of Astrid Swan

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Circuit 1: Lunge Woodchop

"Hold onto a weight on each end, step your right foot back into a drop lunge. As you lunge, twist the weight over your left leg in a chopping motion. Stand up from the lunge and return the weight to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions before repeating on the other side."

Images courtesy of Astrid Swan

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Circuit 1: Sumo Squat Swing

"Hold onto a weight on each end with your arms extended down and open your stance. Lower down into a sumo squat and swing the weight up above your head as you stand up from your squat. Do 10-20 repetitions."

Images courtesy of Astrid Swan

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