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Everything You Need for a Stylish, Multi-Functional Home Gym

We're talking rainbow wrist weights and eye-catching double-duty finds
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While gyms are opening in some cities, going to indoor ones is still considered a "dangerous activity" in many states. Given the current situation and the fact that there are a flood of Instagram Live and online streaming options, many people are now opting to sweat at home (a trend that's great for wallet health, too!).

While there are plenty of workouts that can be done sans props, accoutrements such as a gorgeous yoga mat, a bottle to keep your water cool and wrist weights to help ward off a plateau can make all the difference when it comes to setting yourself up for consistency. Along the same lines, having proper pre- and post-workout fuel and recovery options readily available are also important for long-term success.

So, from pre-workout coffee to post workout shake, we've rounded up everything you need to get a fast blasting, calorie torching routine going at home (including for new parents!).

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Crossrope Get Lean Set, $99
Everyone knows that jumping rope is a great way to squeeze in cardio, especially when tight on time. Crossrope takes it up a notch by adding resistance. They have a few different weights to pick from (the handles can be clipped on and off to switch from one weighted rope to the next). It only takes about 60 seconds to work up a sweat as you get your heart rate up while building muscle.

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Yogi Bare Teddy Lightweight Travel Yoga Mat,  $65.95
At 1.5 kg this mat is not only light, but it has great grip making it perfect for all those super sweaty workouts. Plus, it can be folded into a small square (versus rolled like most mats) for easy storage.

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TRX Home2 System, $184.95
Work your body from head-to-toe with this multi-tasking contraption. You can even do cardio by slipping your feet through the loops and doing exercises like mountain climbers or using it for jump squats. It's easy to set up (just throw it over any door you can slam shut) and the exercises are endless.

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Therabody Theragun G3PRO, $449
Not to knock foam rolling, but it's not always exactly a pleasurable experience. Therabody's new G3PRO makes recovery legitimately a treat (seriously, it's like getting a spa treatment at home). It not only works to massage your muscles post-workout, it can be used pre-workout to loosen them up as well as throughout the day whenever you're feeling sore.

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