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Spray-On Body Lotions That Work Just as Well as Any Moisturizer

They'll leave your skin soft like butta.
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Most of us are familiar with spray-on sunscreens. But few have tried (or even heard of) spray-on body lotions. Spray-on body lotions just hit different, especially with the end-of-summer heat and humidity.

Like their SPF counterparts, spray-on body lotions tend to feel weightless and less greasy since they're applied as a fine mist. They also usually dry more swiftly, but hydrate just as well as traditional lotions. (Although they may require more frequent application.) Another benefit? Unlike with tubs, there's no risk of contamination.

Read on for a look at the best spray-on body lotions that provide a quick, effective and easy shot of much-needed moisture.

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Packed with anti-aging ingredients usually reserved for facial skin care products, this pick provides 24-hour moisture protection.

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Created with very dry skin in mind, this spray-on body lotion will work just as well in warmer months as it will in cold ones. It's also paraben- plus phthalate-free and absorbs in seconds.

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Preservative- and fragrance-free, this spray will work on even the most delicate skin. Plus, it's easy to apply. So you can get those hard-to-reach areas like your back.

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This spray-on formula absorbs quickly and unlike many others, lasts for upward of 24 hours. It's formulated with actives like hyaluronic acid, sunflower oil and various antioxidants. It's also suitable for sensitive skin.

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