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9 Hard-Working Hair Products That'll Help Keep Split Ends at Bay

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If you thought tangled and dry locks were only a summer issue, think again: Damaged hair knows no season and if you're noticing split, frayed ends, it's a telltale sign you need to give your hair more TLC. Often caused by pollution, extreme weather conditions, and heat styling, split ends are all but inevitable — unless your beauty cabinet is stocked with the right products to treat and prevent them, of course.

To tame frizz, add shine, and reduce future breakage, consider adding one (or a few!) of these leave-in conditioners, serums, and oils into your daily routine. Because no one — we repeat: no one! — should have to shed tears over a split end.

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If you're someone who needs to look presentable every single day (ugh, work), then you likely put your hair through the ringer all the time. All this wear and tear can cause your hair to feel scrunchy and tough, but there is a solution. Lock in whatever moisture you have left (if any) with this frizz-fighting cream. When used daily before blow drying, it gives dry, damaged hair that soft, silky look that you're after, without weighing it down.

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Four deadlines today, a meeting tomorrow, and you're flying to London on Wednesday. Just thinking about your schedule is enough to cause some major stress. Well, this multi-tasking wonder is here to the rescue. Perfect for gals on the go, this leave-in treatment does the dirty work while you're busy being a #girlboss. The silicone-free restorative treatment, which can be used on heat-styled or air-dried hair, creates a barrier to protect your hair from future damage.

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If your hair is more than dry — you know, super brittle and scratchy as straw — it's time to bring in the heavy artillery. Much like serums for our skin fight wrinkles, the same concept works for our locks. Enter, a product that lives up to its five-star name. This triple-action formula, which can be used on all hair types, reverses the damaging effects of aging by repairing, protecting, and sealing hair strands at the root. An added bonus: It's clinically proven to reduce breakage and split ends up to 99 percent.

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CHI Silk Infusion, $29.50
In the winter, you rock a deep brunette. In the spring, you add some highlights. By summer, you're nearly a blonde, and then in autumn, you start it all over. Color is part of your routine, and that's what makes you so Insta-famous. If you have treated hair, this rich leave-in treatment will prevent fading all while taming your frizz and flyaways. Distribute a generous amount on wet hair about 15 minutes before drying or apply a dime size amount on dry hair to add life (read: shine) back into your look.

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