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13 Skintertainment Beauty Products That Are Fun AND Functional

From spinning shower bombs to collagen-infused butt masks
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Have you heard the term "skintertainment" yet? The portmanteau is pretty self-explanatory... and it might just be the next big thing in the beauty world. More than ever, there are Instagrammable products that seek to wow us with their packaging and pretty, often glittery, formulas. Brands are starting to prioritize products that are as fun as they are functional — and we couldn't be more excited.

Glow Recipe co-founder and co-CEO Christine Chang reveals that "skintertainment" encompasses many factors; from the social aspects of skin care (like #masking), to experimenting with products with out-of-the-ordinary textures.

"I've found that textures, more than other elements, really help bring out the sensorial element of a routine and drive the visceral response that comes from an experience that is truly enjoyable," Christine's co-founder Sarah Lee explains. "Glow Recipe coined the term 'skintertainment' in 2015 to describe this experience." And there's a brilliant mentality behind it: "With the right product, your beauty routine should be a little slice of sunshine in your day," Lee continues. "Pampering your skin and yourself should be enjoyable and fun — not a chore."

Amen to that! With that philosophy in mind, see the addictive beauty products you'll always want to use; no matter how tired and lazy you're feeling after a long day.

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Have some fizz — in facial form. Just a quarter teaspoon (combined with an equal amount of water) is all you need to produce enough frothy foam to cover your entire face and neck. Better yet, the multitasking formula functions as a cleanser, mask and exfoliator. Rosewood extract helps tone skin while antioxidant-rich turmeric brightens lackluster complexions.

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It's alive! Well, sort of: The formula contains probiotics and a prebiotic from algae to nourish and rebalance skin. And to really take things to the next level, the mask changes from mint green to pink on contact with skin — think of it like a mood ring for your face!

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Those who thought magnetic experiments in science class were fun will be stoked to test out this magnetic mask kit. Apply the iron-based mask to skin then glide the included magnetic tool over top. The gadget magnetizes the mask right off your face, taking deep-down dirt and impurities along with it. It's more hypnotic than pimple popping videos.

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You'll be bursting to try these oh-so-satisfying beauty capsules, especially when you find out they contain maximum strength 20-percent vitamin C. Plus, in addition to being adorable, the capsules actually help prevent the infamously unstable ingredient from oxidizing, since they seal it off from light and air.

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