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16 Most Instagram-Worthy Beauty Products to Glam Up Your Feed

These products look as good on Instagram as they do on you
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In this brave new world of social media, Instagram-worthy beauty products are starting to reign supreme. Nowadays, it's important that a product looks just as good in a meticulously arranged vanity #shelfie as it actually does on, if not better. With the revamping of Target's beauty aisle and the emergence of new beauty boutiques like Riley Rose, it's clear that a certain level of photogenic quality is becoming something of a requirement.

Luckily, you don't have to make any compromises. It turns out there are a lot of products out there that perform as well as they photograph. Read on for some of our very favorite buzzy new beauty products...that also happen to be very Instagram-worthy.

Image via @patmcgrathreal

The gorgeous pink hue that helps make this product so very Instagrammable is all natural. It comes from 90 percent watermelon extract in the soothing, moisturizing formula.

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Image via @glowrecipe

"Rapid Flash Brightening" just about describes this supercharged serum to a T. Packed with 15 percent vitamin C, it does not mess around. You'll start noticing results right away, and the refreshing orange juice scent and eye-catching neon orange packaging are like icing on the cake.

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Image via @sundayriley

What's better, this sailboat-decorated spray can or the touchable waves it delivers? Tough to say, but this is definitely a win-win product.

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Image via @randco

If you really want to kill your Instagram flat lay game, you're ideally going to want the entire Fenty Beauty line, from the pale pink brushes all the way to the matte lippies in their slim, rose gold tubes. That said, if you're picking the best/most 'grammable, the octagonal Killawatt highlighters are a safe bet. With the insane levels of shimmer and the chic, minimalist packaging, they're as attractive in-pan as they are on-face.

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