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Redefine Glam With These Glitzy Beauty Finds

Here are 13 glitter beauty finds that deliver unabashed disco ball sparkle. Shine on, sister.
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Do you believe there is no such thing as too much glitter? Do you feel that a bit of fairy dust (aka a liberal sprinkling of holographic sparkle) can make your look, and life in general, look better? Those nodding their heads vigorously are in the right place, because we've rounded up the glitziest glitter beauty products in this atmosphere.

It's glitter, glitter everywhere. We've noticed the trend across fashion, accessories and even food, but it's beauty where it truly shines the brightest (sorry). Those who are in need of a constant glitter fix and love anything that can be described with adjectives like "prismatic," "gleaming" and "mermaid-like" will want to ensure these beauty and makeup products are part of their glitter collections.

Here are 13 sparkly beauty products that deliver unabashed disco ball sparkle. Shine on, sister.

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E.L.F. Stardust Glitter, $4
Make no mistake, this loose glitter may have an affordable price, but it doesn't sacrifice multidimensional sparkle. Dab the fine prismatic pigment anywhere, from faces to bodies to hair, for a lit look. When it comes to glitter, anything goes.

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NYX Sugar Trip Glitter Vault, $55
Vaults are the weakness of many makeup lovers. This shimmering one will make sparkle fanatics weak in the knees just looking at the 10 sequin-like sparkles. The set includes seven of the brand's best-selling shades and three new colors. Plus, it has the all-important Glitter Primer to ensure sparkles remain firmly in place.

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IGK Preparty Sprinkle, $16
The glitter hairspray you loved as a tween for school dances has gotten a seriously chic upgrade. IGK's color-safe hairspray emits a stream of gold, silver, red, green and purple glitter that can be dialed up or down, depending on how much product is applied. The result is a holographic head minus the itchy scalp that's all too common when chunky sparkles are applied to locks. FYI: The glitter hairspray even provides sun protection.

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It's not surprising that Topshop's newly relaunched makeup range is filled with cool girl, on-trend options. Sparkle fiends will want to start collecting these nine dazzling glitter eyeshadows. The cruelty-free shadows have a radiant effect that makes the product look like sequins.

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